Website Analytics

Understanding website analytics can play an important role is your search engine optimization efforts. However, if you are like many small to medium sized businesses, you are probably unaware of the basic information provided by website analytics. Listed below are a few of the key data points collected:

Traffic Sources - Keywords: Which key search engine words (keywords) were were entered to find your website.

Traffic Sources - Referring Sites: Knowing which search engines and other sites are sending the most traffic to your website helps is critical. Knowing the breakdown of how many search engine referrals are received from each search engine will help provide guidance in search engine optimization.

Website Visitors - New Versus Returning: Knowing what percentage of your website's visitors are new versus returning visitors can be vitally important. The percentage of return visitors is an indicator of the quality of the website in comparison to your competitors.

Website Visitors - Behavior: Analytics will also provide you a detailed analysis of how visitors click or proceed through your website and which pages are most often visited. Understanding how much time visitors spend on each page of your website helps to understand which pages are the most engaging. Understanding what content is resonating with your visitors will help you come up with new content or web pages. User Flow data allows you to track your visitor' behavior as they click through your website.

Website Visitors - Technology: Understanding how many of your website visitors use a desktop, tablet or smartphone helps guide any layout revisions that might possibly be important.

Website Analytics by Cubed360

There are many more data points collected with different analytics systems and tools and if you want to learn more then you will find that there are thousands of articles on the Internet talking about website analytics and how they affect search engine optimization. However analyzing complex and comprehensive website data each week or month can be difficult and very time consuming for many small to medium sized businesses. Cube360 can provide its clients with monthly analytics reports and helps them understand how this data can be used to improve their website's effectiveness.

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