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HDR Photography

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Our Mission...

Our mission is to change the world through clear and realistic photography, innovation and customer service, while never losing sight of our founders' commitment to integrity, morality, and ethics. We are committed to progress, propriety, and the elimination of bad photography. This is the Snap2Close way.

The #1 Real Estate Photography, Floor Plan, Interactive Floor Plan, Matterport & 3D Tours, Drone and Video Service in Arizona


Snap2Close is a one stop shop for all of your real estate photography needs! We offer a wide variety of photo and video services including 3D virtual tours and drone photography.

As either a Realtor or Homeowner, the three most important considerations when hiring a real estate photographer should be the quality of their photographs, their references and, of course, their prices.

Our website shows you more than 20 Five Star Reviews listed on our website and Google 's to show you how professional, hard working, and customer service driven we are. Plus, we provide you with a real time pricing calculator for our services, as well as an overview of our competitors' pricing. The bottom line is that Snap2Close provides you will superior quality photos, outstanding references and the best pricing.

Snap2Close provides ultra high quality and realistic HDR Real Estate Photographic Images, Floor Plans, Interactive Floor Plans, Matterport 3D and Zillow 3D Tours, Videos, Aerial Drone Photos and Videos, Virtual Staging, Video Virtual Tours, Zillow and Enhanced Walkthrough Videos, Pro Home Tour Videos, complementary custom single property branded and unbranded tour property websites, and drag and drop flyer generator tools.

No other real estate photography service offers you this broad range of real estate media services. Plus, unlike other real estate photography services we believe in providing you with a website that will help you to make an educated decision on how to choose the best service(s) for your needs.

Knowledge, experience and best in class service is what we offer you.

With Snap2Close you get:

  • Professional and Realistic Ultra HDR Real Estate Photos shot at 24 mm (industry standard for interior photography) - HDR is a technique using multiple frames shot at different exposures allowing us to produce higher quality photos.

  • Floor Plans & Interactive Floor Plans - Show the layout of your home and size of your space with these two types of floor plans! Our interactive floor plans allow buyers to see photos along with the floor plan so that they can get a better idea of where they are in the home.

  • Zillow 3D Virtual Tours - Using the Ricoh Z1 360°camera we can capture your home in a way that allows buyers to walk through your home virtually. 

  • Professional Enhanced Matterport 3D Virtual Tours - A step up from Zillow 3D tours, our Matterport creates a 3D tour of your home as well but at a much higher quality. This allows buyers to have a fully immersive walkthrough experience.

  • Professional Drone Real Estate Photos and Videos - Licensed and trained drone photographers will capture your home from above using the DJI Phantom 4 series of professional drones. 

  • -Custom branded and unbranded property virtual tour websites - One year of free hosting for your real estate listings. Click HERE to view a sample. (Included with all packages.)

  • 5 Website Templates to choose from - All templates are optimized for mobile and tablet devices higher resolution full screen photos can be shown.,

  • Full screen high resolution views of your real estate photos

  • Host All of Your Media - Photos, Floor Plans, Interactive Floor Plans, Videos, and 3D Tours

  • Easy to Use Virtual Tour Links on ARMLS

Better Quality Photos - Better Prices - Better Services - Interactive Floor Plans - 3D Tours - Videos - Beautiful Property Websites

Why Phoenix Area Realtors Should Choose Snap2Close Estate Photography and Our Professional Property Photographers

  • We provide the highest quality real estate photos in Arizona.

  • We provide next business day delivery of your photos and videos.

  • We provide you unsurpassed free marketing tools, including banded and unbranded virtual tour property websites and flyers.

  • We utilize only trained professional photographers.

  • We use on the highest quality full frame Canon professional DSLR and cameras and drone equipment.

  • We are the only real estate photography company in Arizona that offers affordable floor plans & interactive floor plans

The Snap2Close Money Back Guarantee

We want to make using Snap2Close as your photographer of choice a totally risk free decision! So if for any reason you choose not to use our photograph, we will issue a full refund and then we'll simply call it a day. After all, if you are not happy then we won't be either.

Our Service Areas

We currently service Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, Peoria, Cave Creek, Glendale, Surprise, Sun City and the rest of the Valley of the Sun. If you have a special request for a home outside of our coverage area, please contact us to see how we can accomodate you.

Our Realistic and Ultra High-Quality Real Estate & Property Photography

Snap2Close uses only the highest quality professional full-frame cameras and lenses to capture superior photographic images. We also put a great deal of importance on shooting interiors at 24mm wide angle and not ultra wide lens settings used by many of our competitors that make smaller rooms appear larger than they actually are. Snap2Close exclusively uses HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography techniques.

The sample above was taken in November 2019 of the Governor Doug Ducey's private home in Paradise Valley.

Extraordinary professional real estate photos, videos, 3D Tours and interactive floor plans are just one part of our powerful offerings. Snap2Close also provides you with the Real Estate Photography industry’s most comprehensive Client Center and Custom Dashboard. Our system has been designed by industry professionals to make your Dashboard easy to use and navigate. Plus, every photo package we offer comes with a complimentary branded and unbranded MLS compatible website virtual tour. Click here to learn more about HDR (High Dynamic Range) real estate photography techniques.

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Floor Plans and Interactive Floor Plans

  • Studies now show that floor plans are now the second most sought after media feature that homebuyers are looking for when searching for a home.

  • 91 percent of buyers said Interactive Floor Plans had a positive influence on their decision to buy.

Some real estate agents may feel floor plans as not “necessary”. Technically, they are right. Floor plans aren’t “necessary”. But, then neither are real estate photos – and you won’t see many listings without those!

Floor plans are incredibly useful both for buyers and sellers. Floor plans can quickly show a buyer whether the home is the right size for them. For buyers, floor plans are an excellent way to quickly sort through hundreds of listings and to identify homes that meet their needs. The bottom line is that Floor plans help sell properties. And they make your listing stand out from other property listings.

Snap2Close is the only real estate photography service in Arizona that offers affordable electronically scanned floor plans. When ordered, we provide our clients two different versions of their floor plan: one with dimensions and one without. We leave it up to the client to determine which one works better for you

Interactive floor plans tie both floor plans and photos together which allows the potential homebuyer to quickly tour the home.

Our Interactive Floor Plans allow the user to instantly look at high end professional photographs by clicking on camera icons located in each room. This simple format allows homebuyers to virtually view a home in only a few seconds.

91% of buyers said Interactive Floor Plans had an influence on their decision to buy (Bokka Group). By integrating interactive floor plans in your listings, you can increase audience engagement and retainment.


This tour is embedded, which is why it is located in a box. Click here to see a full screen version.

Click here to learn more about Interactive Floor Plans.

Realtor.com reports that listings with virtual tours receive 87% more views that listings without one.

Matterport 3D and Zillow 360° Virtual Tours

There’s no doubt that our Enhanced Matterport 3D and Zillow 360° Virtual Tours are vitally important during this COVID-19 Pandemic. A Matterport 3D tour allows homebuyers to have a fully immersive walkthrough experience.

Matterport 3D Walkthrough Tours are shot with an professional a non stitching three dimensional camera with 4K resolution and are incredibly interactive without sacrificing quality. You can literally walk through a home with from virtually any angle and get a 360-degree view while exploring from a first-person viewpoint. Plus, our Enhanced Matterport 3D Tour also includes music, an interactive compass so you know which direction you are looking, incredible logo branding, special tagging of objects of special interests, an image view by room, an image-based interactive floor plan which can be resized, a 3D view of the home, a measurement tool, a floor selector, and an actual camera that let's the homebuyer take pictures of any view he wants. The sample below was capture with 768 images. Matterport is considered to be the top producing virtual tour camera in the world. Click here to learn more about our special Enhanced Matterport 3D Tours.

Zillow 360° Tours cost much less and link affordable 360° panorama photos together with navigation to tour a home. The images are captured via a Ricoh Theta Z camera, which is a very good quality two lens 180° camera that stitches the images together. While the Ricoh camera does a very good job of image capture, Zillow downgrades the images to allow for faster upload. The plus side of the Zillow 360° tour is that it allows the homeowner a quick preview, though not a very thorough one. The sample below was captured in 66 images. Click here to learn more about our Zillow 3D 360° tours.

Matterport 3D Digital Twin Tour


Zillow 360° Tour



In many ways, these two types of 3D virtual tours are better than an open house because it allows homebuyers to view your open house 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Real Estate Videos

  • Zillow.com reports that listings with walkthrough videos are viewed 300% more views than listings without one.

Real Estate Videos are one of the more important ways to showcase your listings. With Snap2Close they are affordable, professional and designed to give the homebuyer a true sense of the flow of the home.

Snap2Close offers four different video options to help you sell your listings even faster and for more money.

(1) Video Virtual Tours (photo slideshow with music and graphics) To learn more visit our samples webpage.
(2) Enhanced Walkthrough Videos (video walkthrough of your home with music)The sample to the bottom left is from a Enhanced Walkthrough Video. To learn more visit our videos webpage.
(3) Pro Home Tour Videos (Walkthrough tour shot with additional professional equipment) The sample to the bottom right is from one of our Pro Home Tour Videos. To learn more visit our videos webpage.

Walkthrought Video


Pro Home Tour Video


Drone Photos and Videos

Snap2Close also offers professional aerial drone photos and videos in the Phoenix area. Our sophisticated radio controlled quadcopters are specially equipped with industry exclusive hardware and high end 4K Ultra HD cameras needed to create exceptional drone videos every time. All of our pilots are FAA licensed UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) drone pilots.

Unlike many of our competitors which use smaller and less stable Mavic Drones with smaller cameras, our DJI Phantom 4 drones allow us to capture beautiful high resolution aerial photography that can't be acquired with other aerial platforms.

Full-time camera control, live camera view, GPS drone stabilization, and precise stabilized gimbals allow us to capture epic low-light imagery. Real-time GPS on-screen display allows us to frame up the perfect shot at the precise height and location you request.

Phantom 4 Pro 2 Drones



Tour Property Website Choices


Real Estate Property Websites Help Sell Your Listings Even Faster by Increasing Inquiries

Property websites are used as a virtual tour link and can help a property stand out among competing online listings. According to the National Association of Realtors 54% of home-buyers will not look at a property unless it has a virtual tour link.

A Tour Property Website link is a property website or webpage that hosts all of your photos, floor plans, interactive floor plans, videos, Matterport or Zillow 3D tours, etc. A property website gives the Realtor the opportunity to use image marketing media that cannot normally be seen without a property website.

For example, real estate listing websites like Zillow and Trulia do not have placeholders to show video slideshows, floor plans, interactive floor plans or Matterport 3D tours because of their websites' designs. However, by allowing Realtors the opportunity to link their own property websites as a virtual tour link, it provides a simple way for them to utilize these powerful marketing tools.

Snap2Close offers free property websites with each photoshoot. We offer 5 different virtual tour property website template layouts that allow realtors the opportunity to showcase the many marketing media features with a design of their choosing. Additionally, we provide our clients with both an unbranded and a branded property website. The branded website can be used on Realtor.com by realtors who login to there system directly. Branded property websites can also be posted on social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

The bottom line is that property websites are (1) 100% free to our customers, (2) help them get more homebuyers looking at their listings, and (3) help realtors promote themselves.


  • Full screen higher resolution images than shown on Realtor, Zillow, Trulia, etc.

  • Floor Plans

  • Interactive Floor Plans

  • Matterport 3D Walkthrough or Zillow 360° Tours

  • Walkthrough Videos, Pro Home Tour Videos, Drone Videos, and Video Slideshows with music and graphics

  • Any additional media features that the client may want to add.